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This is the boring part to some but knowing your market and what your up against can be pivotal to your online success.  We review your competition's entire online presence, we include screenshots and examples of their branding for you to understand why our diligence will get you ahead.

We figure out how difficult it will be to climb the rankings on Google and advise on steps you can take to contribute to your rankings as well as the work we do to help you get grounded.

These days improving your ranking depends on how your competition is performing.

Are you just starting out and your competition has been listed on google for 7+ years? 


Does your competition have 100's of 5 star reviews and you don't have any?

In the current climate, a lot of businesses haven't worked any of this out yet and are happy trading in profit without it, but as time goes by more and more people see the importance so sorting this out ASAP is a great strategy.

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