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This is the next level for business, you have your logo, your image, your website and your socials.  Now you want video content, video content is everywhere and is the best possible way to show off your product, service or premises.

Whether its Youtube, Facebook or anything in between, a good video can sell anything and to go with that you'll want good audio. 


Royalty free music is better than ever but its expensive and you can't change anything about it, with custom made music you don't need to worry about copyright law and we can tailor it to your vision for your business.

Below are a couple of clients we have created both video and music for along with the reasoning for the style of each.

The Barber Shop Beverley

For The Barber Shop Beverley case, we did an afternoons filming for this short advert, they wanted the logo over the top as the video was to serve as their Facebook cover image. 


The image of modern barbers is very much hyper masculine, black and gold and skulls all over the place but this family owned barbers over 20 years in business wanted something a bit more reserved.

We decided on a monochrome colour palette but still keeping that vintage americana style that is synonymous with barber culture.

The warm tinted colour correction on the video was also used to show the vintage style and the custom rock soundtrack makes the video feel as fresh as a new haircut.

Slam Maths

In this video the teachers of Slam Maths online tuition wanted an online advert that would tell people what they do and get across their personalities to an audience.

We did an afternoons filming on location with a script that they had prepared and it resulted in the video above.  We created the animation at the beginning to lend to the comic style of their design package created by another company.

The borders of the video were also created from the assets they brought us.  The music was created to offset the comic style because they want to appeal to students from Year 6 to A-Level, we didn't want to alienate teens and above or parents from being drawn into this advert.

The music in this advert is inspired by 'study music' usually referred to as lo-fi or chillhop, it is a movement of music that helps concentration and makes studying less dull.

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